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GO! International

  • Hours per week 4-6

  • Levels 6

  • American English

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Children are center stage in GO! International.

We aim to develop their Learning to Learn competence, evident in the progression from controlled and supported tasks to independent language use. We also build on children’s natural curiosity about the world and their place in it – finding out about English-speaking countries and how children live in other cultures is a key feature. And as we are all part of a community, citizenship education forms the foundation for learning, not just by nurturing core values of mutual respect, sharing and teamwork, but by focusing on more specific values to encourage community spirit and develop emotional intelligence, right from the word “GO”!

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With GO! International, students will:

  • explore the world, meeting other children and learning about other cultures, with supporting videos.
  • develop their Learning to Learn competence and build awareness of effective ways to organize and manage their own learning, as part of their lifelong learning experience.
  • strengthen their awareness of belonging to a community and the importance of citizenship and community spirit.
  • learn collaboration and tolerance through pair and group work.
  • empathize with characters in the stories and learn social rules through games and role plays.
  • learn about healthy lifestyles.

Meet the authors

Components and resources

Student's Book

Activity Book



Learn more about GO! International: Student's Book

Ready, Set, Go!, the title of the welcome unit, sets the tone for this dynamic course book! Strong narratives, with a key value as their starting point, draw the children in and hold their attention through the following eight units, as they bring their own lives into the classroom with plenty of personalization activities. Each unit has eight lessons plus a final review lesson – complemented by the fun, double-page Techies stories, which review every two units. Children will love the games, Picture Dictionary, stickers and pop-outs at the end of the book!

Lesson 1: Vocabulary
The course characters illustrate the topic in a lively scene. Oral presentation of new words encourages good pronunciation, before a chant video combining rhythm, rhyme and visuals helps children memorize them! A photo dictionary shows the new vocabulary in writing.

Flipped Learning
The chant videos in Lesson 1 form the basis for the optional Flipped Learning lessons, explained in the GO Innovate! Teacher’s Guide.

Lesson 2: Grammar
Target grammar is presented in context, practiced with the unit vocabulary. Children practice it in a song or chant, again with video, sharing the learning experience and engaging with the language in a structured way. Some of the song words written on the page model the target language.

Lesson 3: Practice
In level 1, children do tracing activities to develop writing skills. This lesson practices target grammar further and introduces more vocabulary or adds to the target structure. Speaking tasks are always modeled.

Lesson 4: GO Find Out!
Children explore CLIL topics through other subjects, using English to gain different knowledge and skills. Striking photos place new learning in a real-world context.

Lesson 5: Values Story
A two-page story features the course characters with the target language and a value. Students do a pre-reading activity, then follow the dialog and illustrations, developing their listening. The story also introduces new language children will see in lesson 6.

The animated story enriches students’ understanding.

Lesson 6: Speaking
Building on the story context, new language is presented and practiced. A song then controls oral practice. Children make a craft activity every unit, to use in a pairwork speaking activity practicing target grammar structures and vocabulary.

Lesson 7: Writing and Phonics
Writing activities connect to real-world tasks – this example shows a fun rebus exercise appropriate for level 1: word order + spelling. In Phonics activities, students repeat target sounds helped by pictures, then listen to a phonics chant with an animated video, saying it slowly at first, then faster and faster!

Lesson 8: Go Around the World
A child introduces themselves and shares something about life and culture in their country with the students. A culture video explores the country. Students then write and draw to personalize the topic, comparing their own experiences with others’. All the lesson activities consolidate the target language.

Unit Review: Go Again!
Go Again! revisits target vocabulary, grammar and the four skills with The Techies characters. Students look back through the unit to choose their favorite activity, helping them become autonomous learners.

Review Lesson: The Techies
At the end of units 2, 4, 6 and 8, The Techies consolidates target language from the previous two units in an extending reading activity.

Learn more about GO! International: Activity Book

Reflecting the Student’s Book’s structure, the additional full-color support is divided into a welcome unit, eight main units, and a My New Words section. The Activity Book audio, which students can download from the learning platform, includes all the listening activities and the My New Words lists.

Lessons 1-8 content
The Activity Book activities support the Student’s Book lesson content and are designed to consolidate the children’s learning.

Unit Review: Go Again! 
An Activity Book Go Again! page mirrors the Student’s Book unit review lesson, consolidating the unit content further.

My New Words
This section at the back of the Activity Book is a kind of picture dictionary that the children themselves make – in Level 1 they trace the words. It includes audio support.

Learn more about GO! International: App

The perfect accompaniment to Richmond’s brand-new series for primary, the GO! app helps children revise key English vocabulary with exciting puzzles and word games. Featuring vibrant illustrations and characters from the GO! books, it reinforces the language and concepts covered in a stimulating and imaginative way. Create a player, download your level and get started!

  • All flashcards included in the series available in the ‘Vocabulary’ section, sorted by theme and complete with audio
  • 10 unique games and activities in each level, including a ‘Final Trial’ to be unlocked
  • Vibrant illustrations and animations to make English learning stimulating and fun
  • Customizable players, featuring characters from the books

Learn more about GO! International: RLP

Students enter the course’s online learning platform with an access code in the Student’s Book. They’ll find easy access to videos for songs and chants, stories, and culture lessons, as well as optional Flipped Learning videos and lessons, and can download the complete course audio. Students can also play interactive vocabulary games and rehearse for external exams with practice tests. The platform also features the complete e-Student’s Book and e-Workbook.

Students have access to the course videos at their little fingertips! Visual support for songs, chants, stories, phonics and culture, will bring language to life and help their understanding.

All the course audio, including Activity Book exercises, is downloadable in MP3 format. Students can listen as often as they like, to practice, consolidate, and simply enjoy!

Vocabulary games
There are interactive vocabulary games for both the Student’s Book and the Activity Book (you can access the answers with the interactive answer key in the Teacher’s i-Book).

Practice tests
Students can access practice papers for external exams.

e-Student’s Book and e-Workbook
These fully-interactive digital books have embedded audio and video. You can assign exercises or let your students work at their own pace. Once students submit their exercises, they receive instant feedback and their scores appear in the Markbook.

Teacher's Guide

Audio Material

Flashcards & Word cards


Story cards



Learn more about GO! International: Teacher's Guide

You’ll be ready to GO! with this full-color guide! It gives you step-by-step lesson plans to help you make the most of each lesson. They exploit the Student's Book activities to the full, and include suggestions for warmer activities, additional whole-class activities, wrap-up activities, and fast finishers ideas to keep your stronger students engaged. Each lesson plan is interleaved with the relevant Student's Book lesson, as well as cross-referenced to support material (including Activity Book lessons), for easy navigation of the complete course.

Activity Bank
The indispensable Activity Bank in the Teacher’s Guide introduction, is full of suggestions for maximizing course materials like the Flashcards, Word cards and Story cards, as well as classroom tips, vocabulary and grammar games, whole-class activity suggestions, and ideas for fast finishers!

Unit Overview
Each unit begins with a Unit Overview to help you prepare quick lesson plans. These include an outline of assessment criteria and key competencies for each unit.

Scripts and Answer Keys
Each unit also provides full audio and video scripts and answer keys for both the Student’s Book and Activity Book.

GO Innovate!
Innovative lesson plans at the end of each unit employ the latest methodology: complete optional lessons in Flipped Learning, Cooperative Learning, Thinking-based Learning, and Drama Games integrate seamlessly with the main lesson plans, making them accessible and achievable.

Learn more about GO! International: Audio Material

All the recordings used in the Student’s Book, Activity Book, and Teacher’s Resource Bank are available in MP3 format for download from the Richmond Learning Platform.

Learn more about GO! International: Flashcards & Word cards

106 beautiful, full-color photo Flashcards and their corresponding Word cards for presenting, reinforcing, or reviewing vocabulary. The Activity Bank in the Teacher’s Guide has suggestions for how to make maximum use of them.

Learn more about GO! International: Posters

The course Posters are ideal for presenting unit language and topics. You can use them in any lesson to practice or review key language.

Learn more about GO! International: Story cards

Large, full-color, illustrated Story cards give you more ways to work with the unit story. Each card contains questions to promote literacy work. The Activity Bank in the Teacher’s Guide suggests plenty of ideas to exploit them.

Learn more about GO! International: RLP

All teachers using GO! International can access our user-friendly online learning environment for a complete suite of course materials and useful class management tools. Find extra resources, alternative methodologies, all the course audio, a variety of videos, downloadable materials, fully digitized versions of print components to use on an IWB, and our virtual Test Manager.

Visual contextualization of the language and themes throughout the course really brings them to life – you’ll all have fun with the animated unit stories and playful phonics animations, attractive, real-world videos introducing the cultural lessons, and Lesson 1 chant videos.

Learn more about GO! International: i-Solutions

You’ll be ready to Go! International and plan your lessons with this fully interactive version of all teaching and learning materials for IWB use. The Go! International Teacher´s i-Solutions is a multi-device component that runs both online and offline, and gives teachers access to the projectable versions of the Student´s Book and Workbook, and serves as a digital lesson planner. It also includes all the additional resources teachers need to teach, such as audio and video, as well as all the worksheets and test materials.

Easy access to all teaching and learning materials
The Go! International Teacher’s i-Solutions provides quick access to all the teaching resources with just one click. The Teacher’s i-book contains projectable versions of the Student´s Book, Workbook and access to the Go! Further content for extension and the Teacher’s Resource Book.

The step-by-step lesson plans presented in the form of learning paths make lesson preparation easy.
Learning paths include ideas for using the i-flashcards and i-posters, fast finishers activities that will help you deal with mixed-ability classes, grammar and vocabulary worksheets graded at three different levels of challenge, and interactive games to conduct formative assessment in a fun way.

The learning paths tool also allows you to easily navigate between components, moving from the Student’s Book to the Activity Book with one single click.

The full-color Workbook mirrors the content presented in the Student’s Book and provides extra practice that can be carried out by students in class or as homework.

The full video support provided in the Go! International Teacher´s i-Solutions offers you the most effective, visual and easy-to-use classroom resource.
Flipped learning is made easy through the animated stories, animated comics and the grammar animations, that present a great opportunity for introducing the lesson content outside of the classroom.

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