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  • Hours per week 3-5

  • Levels 4

  • American English

Droplets is based on current theories of language acquisition and ongoing research in early childhood learning and development: immersion – learners are fully engaged in an English-speaking environment; the Natural Approach – words are learned through meaningful contexts and interaction, not in isolation; Total Physical Response (TPR) – nonverbal language (gestures and movements) is used to convey meaning. Although Droplets focuses primarily on teaching English through vocabulary, it also nurtures essential skills for students’ whole development through a balanced program of carefully planned activities.

The breadth of Droplets’ resources gives you and your young learners multiple ways of introducing, modeling and reviewing new vocabulary and language structures in different contexts.

With Droplets, students will:

  • be fully immersed in an English-speaking environment.
  • develop the six essential Areas of Learning (Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication, Language and Literacy; Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy; Knowledge and Understanding of the World; Artistic Development; and Physical Development) during every lesson.
  • share stories, activities and their learning process with their families!
  • open their minds to an awareness of more than one way of expressing ideas and viewing the world.
  • finish the school year with a Scrapbook of samples of their work and individual progress!

Components and resources

Student's Book

Activity Book

Resource Book



Learn more about Droplets: Student's Book

The course is structured around eight themed units. Each lesson page teaches children language and vocabulary while developing essential age-appropriate skills like sticking, gluing, tracing, coloring, matching, classifying, counting and creating patterns. The third lesson in every unit inspires children’s imagination, with a story or chant connected to the topic! Learners reinforce the unit vocabulary and language with a final Review page, then learn about and develop important values through a theme-related Values page for each unit. Children can also celebrate with six pages of fun holiday activities during the year.

The Unit Opener is a reproduction of the poster. This vividly illustrated page at the beginning of each unit facilitates the presentation of new vocabulary and is used to activate prior knowledge of the theme.

Each Lesson page offers activities that teach language and vocabulary while developing essential skills age-appropriate such as sticking, gluing, tracing, coloring, matching, classifying, counting and creating patterns.

Each unit ends with a review page that helps students reinforce the vocabulary and language presented in the unit.

Droplets offers a theme-related values page at the end of each unit to help students learn and develop important character traits in all areas of learning.

There are six pages of appealing holiday related activities for use at appropriate times throughout the year.

Learn more about Droplets: Activity Book

An Activity Book page corresponds to each Student’s Book lesson, with hands-on activities for the classroom or at home to practice key readiness skills like drawing, finger-painting and assembling. Instructions in Spanish on the back of each page mean children and parents can do the activities together! And pages are detachable – so you or the parents can mount them on construction paper and include them in the unit Scrapbook! The Activity Book for level 1 includes pop-out activities.

Learn more about Droplets: Resource Book

Young learners will find plenty to delight them in this children’s treasure chest of Stickers, Mini-flashcards, Finger Puppets and Story Cards! These flexible learning tools can accompany different activities in each unit, and children can use them in a myriad of ways. The Story Cards have their own audio on the Student’s Audio, available on the website, so children can share the story at home with their family.

Learn more about Droplets: App

The Droplets App has fun interactive games for young learners to review and practice language everywhere they go! Parents can use this great learning app to nurture their children’s reading and listening skills, as well as their psychomotor development! Ask parents to download it from the App store and Google Play.

Learn English through games

Discover fun interactive games and stories.

Practice the new vocabulary you have learned!

Learn more about Droplets: Microsite

Teacher's Guide

Class Audio

Story Cards


Language Cards

Learn more about Droplets: Teacher's Guide

The introduction explains the methodology behind young learner language acquisition, as well as tips for classroom management and handy all-weather activities. The main body of the Teacher’s Guide describes the procedure for the Student’s Book pages step by step: a quick reference of the early learning goals, vocabulary, materials and preparation for each lesson, then detailed before, during and after the class activities. The notes also indicate when to use the other components. Another page details extension activities, with instructions for the corresponding Activity Book page, a Fast Finishers task, and an optional hands-on Early Learning Activity focusing on the Areas of Learning.

Learn more about Droplets: Class Audio

Learn more about Droplets: Story Cards

The gorgeous Story Cards illustrate original and traditional stories and chants, motivating your students as they are immersed in natural, meaningful English. There is one set of Story Cards (one story) per unit, with the audio accessed on the website – where you can also find a projectable version of the Story Cards

Learn more about Droplets: Posters

Each unit includes a large, colorful Poster related to the unit theme – which is reproduced as the visual Unit Opener in the Student’s Book! You’ll find a projectable version on the Droplets website.

Learn more about Droplets: Language Cards

These visual cue cards illustrate common classroom commands. Use them when you are giving the children instructions, as well as the command in English, to encourage understanding in class.

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